“To build a buoyant economy, we must do away with “business as usual” and begin to sow seeds of growth in different areas right now, progress is a process”

The current down turn of the Nigerian economy demands decisive and strategic action to revive the once thriving economic giant. With rapidly increasing technological advancements, Nigeria is being left behind. There is a dire need to shift focus from oil to other areas like agriculture, mineral resources and human capital development while investing heavily in practical technological innovations. If this is done, the change we as a people seek will be inevitable.

Creating a conducive environment for technology to thrive is key; small, medium and large-scale enterprises which are the backbone of any economy’s growth, will be able to exploit a wide range of opportunities.


  • Diversify the Nigerian economy, create a shift from dependence on oil to other high potential areas
  • Creating and expanding on impactful social investment programmes.
  • Accelerating the implementation of the National Industrial Revolution Plan using special economic zones as well as focusing on priority sectors to generate jobs, promote exports, boost growth and upgrade skills.
  • Implementing key industrial and trade policy initiatives.
  • Focus on human capital development.
  • Policy development and implementation for advancement of local industries and goods.