“Education is the most powerful change agent in the world"

Our country’s educational institutions are clearly not providing quality learning, our teachers need to be taught. The steady decline of education in Nigeria is a reflection of our country’s relegation of education to the background of national essentialities. That is where the change must begin. Teachers are important—as important as senators and doctors, they indeed determine the quality of senators and doctors. And so the entire country stands to suffer the effects of this neglect in future. Nigeria must once again make education a priority, we must return to the basics.


  • Prioritizing quality of primary education in all geo-political zones.
  • Increase focus on .
  • Investing in the training of eligible teachers.
  • Promoting every field of knowledge as a way of encouraging children to follow their passion.
  • Remodeling school structures and erecting more schools.
  • Infusing contemporary learning methods in every level of education