Good Governance

"The goal is the government truly for the people"

1. Going back to basics, we need to restore due process and respect for government procedures rules and regulations. And we need to enforce sanctions for their disregard. We really need to go back to the basics of what makes for an orderly and smooth functioning governmental administration.

2. Good governance requires proper coordination of the organs of government. You cannot have different agencies of the same government working at cross-purposes or contradicting each other on very important policy issues, and personnel selection. 

3. We must address Nigeria’s economic stagnation/crisis. This will include economic reform and modernization which privileges the private sector as the engine of growth and employment generation. We must continue to diversify our economy away from the excessive reliance on oil, continue the privatization policy began more than a decade ago and try to align monetary and fiscal policies for much needed coherence, predictability and stability in order to attract investments.

4. Good governance in Nigeria will include a relentless effort to curb corruption in public life. And this should not be merely dealing with corruption after the fact. Perhaps more important are efforts to prevent corruption from taking place, especially through the removal of opportunities for corruption and imposing strong sanctions for the corrupt. Such efforts should also include ensuring the independence of the anti-corruption agencies through such measures as funding them through the first line charge in the consolidated revenue fund and having them report to the parliament.