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Our great nation has long been bound by chains that have divided us more than they have united us. Chains that have hampered our living out the prodigious dreams of our founding fathers. But in all of the chaos, I strongly believe history can and will be rewritten. It is crucial that we as a people, man, woman, young, old, Christian, Muslim, every single Nigerian from every walk of life, set aside all ideas and ideals that hinder our freedom. We must choose hope, we must choose action and set our minds towards leaving--without fear or favor--the unbridled opportunity for the next generation to enjoy the insurmountable blessings of their nation, in their nation, on their soil!
Without any iota of doubt, this is the debt we owe ourselves and our children; to further the cause of the Nigerian Dream.
We are much more than a city set on a hill, we are the giant of Africa: that unstoppable force the world must reckon with.

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As an important necessity to man and the economy, the issue of power is one that needs more attention and better action plans …

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Abubakar went into private business after his retirement, with interests in oil Services, agriculture, food and beverages, print media, insurance, pharmaceuticals, and education…

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Our country‚Äôs educational institutions are clearly not providing quality learning, our teachers need to be taught. …

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Nigeria is currently in a state of ethnic crises from the recent Fulani herds men clash in Benue to boko haram insurgent group…

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Divine Nochie

“My aim is to put Nigeria first, to save the Nigerian economy, and to make Nigeria once again a shining city on the hill. But our Movement cannot stop now - we still have much work to do to save this country”

Atiku Abubakar, Forward thinker, nation builder .


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February 22nd 2018 : He will meeting with various Non-Governmental Agency heads in Bauchi State Maiduguri

February 24th 2018: Visiting schools and children affected in Crisis torn areas in the northern states.

Divine Nochie

March 15th 2018- March 20th 2018: Visiting IDP camps around the Federal Capital Territory.

June 3rd 2018: Will be visiting his constituency and meeting with council heads.