"Darkness has drag on for too long. That ends now"

As an important necessity to man and the economy, power needs more attention and viable action plans. Constant electricity supply is pivotal to achieving socio-economic development and as a nation that craves immense development in this regard, more needs to be done.

The power insufficiency in the country is of great concern and Nigerians are not oblivious of the tremendous efforts of the Federal Government of Nigeria at salvaging the Nigerian economy, but without fixing the power sector those efforts would be futile.

The current government is set to target 40,000MW generating capacity by 2020 and will need to spend approximately $10bn per annum on the power sector for the next 10 years to achieve this. With just two years to this deadline, there has been multiple power grid loss since January 2nd leading to nationwide blackouts.


  • Allocate and ensure that the power sector is being controlled by well vetted and trustworthy private organizations.
  • Revamp all partially operational power plants.
  • construct additional power plants, new dams, new turbines, new windmills.
  • Shifting all serial grids to a radial grid for higher power supply stability.
  • Increase renewable energy investment.