As an important necessity to man and the economy, the issue of power is one that needs more attention and better action plans. This is because constant electricity supply is pivotal to achieving socio-economic development and as a nation that craves immense development in this regard, more needs to be done


In his speeches and commentary Atiku is a vocal advocate of the importance of Nigeria's educational system.
In August 2013 he sponsored a students' essay contest to generate solutions to Nigeria's most pressing institutional educational challenges.


Going back to basics. We need to restore due process and respect for government procedures rules and regulations. And we need to enforce sanctions for their disregard. We really need to go back to the basics of what makes for an orderly and smooth functioning governmental administration.


Nigeria is currently in a state of ethnic crises from the recent Fulani herds men clash in Benue to boko haram insurgent group, undermining democratic consolidation and threatening national unity and security.



Abubakar went into private business after his retirement, with interests in oil Services, agriculture, food and beverages, print media, insurance, pharmaceuticals, and education.
And with the current chaos and down slope of the Nigerian economy, a lot needs to be done to revive its potentials


The lack of youth empowerment is one of the biggest issues currently affecting the productivity and development of the Nigerian youths.
Despite the fact that government organizations like the National Directorate of Employment (NDE) established in 1989…

Women Empowerment

Women empowerment is a top priority of my campaign. Our women should be able to benefit and enjoy their rights to lead, and not just be led. They should be in positions to control, manage and improve their economic status and overall well-being.
Women would be considered equally for every post in both the public and private sector. Their ability to voice opinions, run for office with equal chance of being elected, and their civil …

TECHNOLOGICAL Infrastructure

The world is moving at breakneck speeds, with its constant advancement in technology--an era where every aspect of human life will be digitalized--Nigeria has remained a mono-economy relying on oil as the major source of foreign exchange earnings.
We need to move with the world, as technology is widespread and is being adopted at rapid rates, deliberate technological development is crucial to our nation's growth.

Entertainment industry

The entertainment industry in Nigeria has in the past few years risen above expectations. It is currently ranked third in the world after the US and India. The industry continues to progress but with its advancement comes a challenge, one that past governments have neglected to resolve.
In an industry that is a capital-intensive enterprise, there should be constant funding and investment that would encourage better production quality and provide both