"Nigerian lifes matter. Every single Nigerian deserves to feel safe"

Nigeria is currently in a state of ethnic crises from the recent Fulani herds men clash in Benue to boko haram insurgent group, undermining democratic consolidation and threatening national unity and security.

Today, Nigerians have to endure terrorist attacks in the North, militancy in the Delta, communal violence in the Middle Belt, cult wars in the South, and kidnappings, armed robberies, and common acts of thuggery throughout the country. Most are left to fend for themselves.

Those who turn to the police, the army or any other state security agencies usually have the means and personal connections to buy help and protection. Those who don't simply move on, resigned. The bitter ones may form vigilante groups, others join mobs that dispense jungle justice on suspects and scapegoats alike. Too many believe they have nothing to lose, and everything to gain, and the most alienated are easy prey for terrorists, militants and thugs.

Nigeria is our one true home, and we must all put our heads together to secure the only place that we can call ours.


  • We will embark on programmes and initiatives that will promote national unity and cohesion, guaranty social justice and security.
  • Restore mutual trust between government institutions and the citizens.
  • Take action and not just vocal promises.