"Technology is the bedrock of every modern civilization, it's time to lay that foundation in Nigeria"

The world is moving at breakneck speeds, with its constant advancement in technology--an era where every aspect of human life will be digitalized--Nigeria has remained a mono-economy relying on oil as the major source of foreign exchange earnings.

We need to move with the world, as technology is widespread and is being adopted at rapid rates, deliberate technological development is crucial to our nation's growth. It is needed to streamline basic aspects of our existence (Transportation, agriculture, telecommunication). Technology is needed for everything, while the aspiration behind all technological advancements is noble. Digitalization has come this far because its progression was always motivated by the grand vision of serving humanity.

Technology needs to be at the forefront of every primary, secondary and tertiary educational institution for Nigeria to uplift herself successfully from her current state of underdevelopment. We will take practical and decisive steps to incorporate technology into our educational culture, with the sole aim of stimulating growth in Africa’s largest nation.

According to a report published by Booz & Company, a global strategy consultancy company. They claim that “10% increase in a country's digitization rate brings approximately 0.75 % higher GDP per capita. Digitization in emerging countries could deliver close to US$6.3 trillion in additional nominal GDP and 77 million new jobs over the next 10 years". It will require a concerted public and private effort but together we can make it happen.