Women Empowerment

"Every Nigerian woman's voice should be heard"

Women empowerment is a top priority of my campaign. Our women should be able to benefit and enjoy their rights to lead, and not just be led. They should be in positions to control, manage and improve their economic status and overall well-being.

Women would be considered equally for every post in both the public and private sector. Their ability to voice opinions, run for office with equal chance of being elected, and their civil rights will be enforced.

Trafficking of Nigerian women and girls within the country's borders for involuntary service, begging and sexual exploitation will be abolished.

I intend to improve the education of the girl-child, recruit even more female teachers, create skill acquisition programmes for girls and women, and provide textbooks at subsidized rates for the girl-child.

We will provide them with avenues for home and community building to encourage positive societal relationships.

When women know their rights, first as humans, then as wives and mothers, they further the cause of love and peace in the home, and support the economic status of the family. They transition a conflict affected society into a peaceful one.

Peace is not the solitary effort of a single gender; it is the responsibility of all stakeholders, male and female.


  • Further the partnership between the federal and state ministries of women affairs.
  • Improve the education of the girl-child.
  • Recruit even more female teachers.
  • Create skill acquisition programmes for girls and women.
  • Provide textbooks at subsidized rates for the girl-child
  • Enforce strict human trafficking penalties to abolish trafficking in all the states of Nigeria