youth empowerment

"The youth will begin leading today"

The lack of youth empowerment is one of the biggest issues currently affecting the productivity and development of the Nigerian youths.

Despite the fact that government organizations like the National Directorate of Employment (NDE) established in 1989 is tasked with tackling all problems of unemployment in the country. National Poverty Eradication (NAPEP) established in 2001, to monitor and coordinate all poverty eradication activities in the country. There are no signs of significant progress.

I believe youth empowerment has a lot of benefits to offer the society and the future rests in the ability and capability of our youths. Self-employment and rapid industrialization can only be achieved by setting up strategic programmes for entrepreneurs. Youth empowerment has been proven to increase and improve technological standards as agreed by technophiles. Technological developments and other significant breakthroughs occur because the youths are empowered

Empowering youths reduces crime rate, it facilitates nation building and development, also it adds meaning to life and gives one a sense of responsibility and respect. An achievement that the government owes to its future leaders.

Artistic, life coping, communication and intellectual empowerment skills are areas that need to be dwelled upon, by encouraging and building on talents through skill acquisition and vocational training centers, with well trained and qualified teachers.

Brandee McHale President of the Citi Foundation and director Citizenship at Citi once stated on Forbes “When young people don’t see or have a sustainable economic path, our families and communities also suffer. In fact the future of the world is intrinsically tied to the economic success of young people”.