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Have You Registered With APC?

What you need to do:
Go to the nearest INEC polling center to you with two passport photographs. There will be an APC registration center there. You must be at least 18 years of age to be registered.
Find the nearest polling booth to you HERE
From Wednesday 5th February to Wednesday 12th February 2014
Why you need to register:
1. An opportunity to join a platform for truly positive change in Nigeria, and become part of an exciting community of change agents.
2. An opportunity for you to move from talking to doing #GetInvolved
3. As a card-carrying APC member you will be able to participate in the ward, local government and state congresses at which party officials will be elected. You will also be able to stand for election as a party official.
Many years ago I took this step for the first time. In that time I have come to realise that joining a political party is a great way for young people to learn how politics works.
Stay up to date by visiting the APC website:
Last Wednesday, February 5, I registered in my home state, Adamawa. I’m eagerly looking forward to you joining the APC. If you’ve got a picture of yourself registering tweet it at me at @Atiku, or share on Facebook and tag me:
What are you waiting for? The APC is building a movement to restore dignity, create much needed jobs, especially for our youth, and secure our nation. Join us!

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