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OP-ED: Two prongs of counter-piracy

Originally published in the Daily Trust
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By Atiku Abubakar

… In a recent and tremendously damning report by Mark Doyle of the BBC, Nigeria was found culpable of the drastic increase in pirate attacks in the Gulf of Guinea as a result of “peculiarities of the Nigerian economy and widespread corruption”… maritime piracy in the Gulf of Guinea stems largely from an increase in violence, insurgency and instability in Nigeria. As a result, the entirety of West Africa is losing roughly two billion USD per year, and Nigeria’s large oil exports coupled with corrupted governing structures are at the core of regional insecurity.

Eradicating piracy and reclaiming the economies of the Gulf of Guinea will require Nigeria’s dedication to a two-pronged approach. Firstly, Nigeria must work in conjunction with regional and international allies to create a counter-piracy security force and code of conduct, while simultaneously adhering to international counter-piracy protocols. Secondly, Nigeria must look inwards, recognizing the dire security situation as a direct result of structural inefficiencies. We must boldly admit inadequacies in governance and regulation, and work to reform the governing bodies that have been charged with guarding the security and welfare of the Nigerian people in order to combat the rising insecurity in our region…

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