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OPED: Atiku Abubakar: It’s time for maritime security in Nigeria

Originally published in the Daily Post

By Atiku Abubakar

… No one should be allowed to operate in Nigerian waters whose reason for existence is to disrupt the commerce of our country and deprive our people of their legal livelihood. Our anti-piracy efforts are vital, not only because of lives lost, but also because of the significant economic toll that piracy in the Gulf of Guinea takes on Nigerians. The inexplicable misuse of power and the diversion of security resources away from the anti-piracy effort requires a thorough investigation of the current security structure in Nigeria, the efficacy of our anti-piracy legislation, and the officials who have facilitated this ineptitude. Nigeria can no longer stand idly by as pirates, criminals and corrupt officials systematically destroy commerce and the livelihoods of good, hard working, honest Nigerians.

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