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OPED: Atiku Abubakar: Nigeria must allow every citizen to vote

Originally published in the Daily Post
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By Atiku Abubakar

Democracy is not bestowed on a society over night. It is a process by which the citizens and their government perpetually negotiate over the tenants upon which that society operates. By 2015, Nigeria will have been on its democratic journey for 16 years, and despite progress towards a more democratic future I fear that apathy towards the arduous journey has set in and we are swiftly losing the sight of our goals…


… it is imperative that every Nigerian citizen of age be allowed the opportunity to participate in the process of democracy. Many of our citizens are now living abroad as a result of rising insecurity and underwhelming employment opportunities, so it is important to extend the vote externally, to re-engage the millions of Nigerian citizens who call Nigeria home, wherever they may be…

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