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It was on 25 November 1946 that Atiku Abubakar was born in Jada town, Adamawa state. After his birth, the man was named after his grandfather. This is a common practice among the Fulani people to name their first sons after their paternal grandfathers. Atiku Abubakar is in essence the first son of his parents.

Atiku had a very humble beginning and has witnessed huge struggles of life considering the early death of his father after he was jailed for not being able to pay fine (10 shillings) that was charged by Alkali court for trying to stop Atiku Abubakar from going to school when Native Authority officials had embarked on compulsory mass literacy campaign in the region.

As he journeyed towards this life, the man attended Jahad primary school in Jada in 1960, and his secondary school at Adamawa Provincial Secondary School in Yola. He furthered even after so many struggles of life and completed Diploma in Law programme in June 1969. One significant thing about him, most especially as it regards his education is that he was a persistent hard worker.

My Experience In Business

“As an individual, I believe my record in employing young Nigerians is unrivalled by any single private investor in Nigeria #LetsTalkJobs,”  Atiku Abubakar

Atiku Abubakar, in response to a Twitter user, who wrote “You and your likes are the biggest threat to our economy,” asked how he has only been a threat to the economy, considering he has created over 50,000 jobs for Nigerians. He proceeded to list four companies that he  founded dating back to the late 1980s.

Intels Founded in 1989

Yola, Nigeria

Prodeco Founded in 1996

Yola, Nigeria

Atiku Abubakar Farm Founded in 1982

Yola, Nigeria

ABTI schools Founded in 1992

Yola, Nigeria