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Health —
Atiku Abubakar

Talent and creativity are Nigerias greatest asset, the youths
hopes and aspirations will shape our nations future.

Within the first 100 days:

Within 1 Year

The Presidency, through the Federal Ministry of Finance, will encourage MDAs and state governments to expand the provision of portable water, health care, affordable housing, etc. by:

  1. Disseminating easy to understand, timely, and comprehensive records of federal allocations for the provision of individual services.
  2. Monitoring the social returns on federal investments.
  3. Directing a growing share of the funds to best (federal, state, and local) performers.

Within 2 Years

The Presidency will raise service delivery standards in sectors and areas with little private competition by:

  1. Encouraging state governments to set up their own services to complement federal outfits
  2. Giving citizens the choice of using either state or federal facilities
  3. Directing an incremental share of federal funding to the most proficient organisation, whether it is federal or not
  4. Creating adequate safeguards to prevent sharp practices

Within 4 Years

The Presidency will instruct MDAs to raise expectations and public service delivery standards by:

  1. Creating league tables of federal, state, local, and private public service
  2. Providers allowing users to select their federal, state, local, private service provider of choice
  3. Rewarding the most popular (regional) providers with uptake or performance related allocations
  4. Establishing simple, fast, and effective complaints/malpractice procedures
  5. Lowering entry

The Voice We Deserve

Public services are a travesty and a tragedy. In rural areas, more than half of the population lives below the poverty line without access to basic amenities. Police and security presence is patchy; and there are few if any basic public services.

Electricity is scarce, sanitation is poor, and health services are grossly inadequate. Access to basic education means children often walk long distances to poorly equipped and overcrowded schools, only to find out that their teachers failed to turn up for work. Few in the villages feel they have a stake in the Federal Republic, less still trust government. Most are convinced that the only time officials and politicians visit is during the election season, when they buy votes and promise things that will never materialize. In the urban areas, particularly in state capitals, citizens fare slightly better. Most have access to state provided services and education, many know how to demand what they know is rightfully theirs, and someone always knows someone who knows about the latest state or federal support scheme. Still, few have a say on how local governments are run, and state and local councils can be as insulated and indifferent as a federal Ministry in Abuja..

A government under my Leadership will develop a system and process that ensures that all citizens are provided the services they require to attain their potential, live a satisfactory and fulfilled life and contribute meaningfully to the society.

Under a government led by Atiku Abubakar.

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